December 2003


Happy holidays to Family & Friends!


What a wonderful year we’ve had! And what an exciting year to come!


It all started last Christmas and New Year together with Kajsa’s family, including our nearly 2-year-old little Janey,

and nearly 90-year-old farmor Cora.  In the spring, Great Aunt Olive turned 100 years young.  And on May 24th,

little Lukas came into the world.  Jane was over to help out with the kids; while Gail concentrated on bringing

the European Union funded ICT eGovernment/eDemocracy projects to a closure in Kista. Gail also represented

the family at Peder and Linda’s wedding.


Summer brought us together with the “old” friends from our Minnesota days, the Westbergs in Göteborg. 

Ann-Marie’s gallery opening, featuring her textile art, was a perfect opportunity to catch up.  Later in the

summer, the Torsell cousins got together in Norrbyggeby for the first of hopefully many summer meetings.

Kerstin, Ingrid, and Jane, along with Ingrid’s husband Lennart and cousins Jan-Erik and Per, went through the

family albums reminiscing about youthful summer memories from Österby and Hedemora. 


Gail spent the summer building a shed for the growing array of garden tools, including a new riding mower/snowplow.

In August, we welcomed new neighbors; their horses now graze beside Wattsbo (waiting for daily carrots). It is nice to

have young, active people moving into our village.


But all to soon, fall darkness began to set in. The leaves were effectively racked and swept up (onto the back of that

garden tractor), fertilizer spread to increase next year’s harvest, and the rest of winter’s wood cut and split. 


Jane continues her work with Team Andi, insuring that Andreas continues to get a good quality of life. 

Gail began doctorate studies (again!!) at Örebro University. His research will take him to our neighboring

municipality, Knivsta (population 13,000); Sweden’s newest municipality that is trying to develop new forms

of democratic dialogue with its residents.  Time for research and other activities will be available because the

City of Stockholm decided it has too many employees and offered Gail a retirement deal.  Gail is extremely

pleased and excited about his newly found freedom!!


But at the moment we are busy preparing for the highlight of the year - little Lukas’ baptized in Rånäs Chapel

on 14 December. And we are looking forward to spending Christmas, with Kajsa, Rich, Jane and Lukas, here in

Norrbyggeby - we are going to have so much fun and enjoyment.


Happy Holidays to you all!